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Amore hair extensions at atlantis hair We all have our somewhat superficial beauty gripes, primpettes, whether it be your skin, your makeup or the shape of your eyebrows.Mine is my hair.And while wayne lewis at atlantis hair in paddington keeps the colour in-Check with the flawless mineral cct colour range, there unfortunately isn much anybody can do about making it thicker.It sits just below my collar bone and is both oily mainly my fault as i like to wash it every day and super fine.So when i heard about amore extensions, suited to all hair types along with hair verging on the fragile side like mine, plus the fact that there was no glue, weaves or wax involved, i was interested to hear more. I met with the lovely jade hollis, style director at atlantis hair and national trainer for amore hair extensions, who explained that the extensions are 100%, ethically-Sourced human hair and are attached to your own natural strands via a tiny concealable micro-Cylinder that can be re-Used.So before i delve into all the details, here the finishing product, with thanks to tiffany at atlantis for my fabulous blow-Dry: And here what went down in the hot seat matching When it comes to choosing colours, there is a colour wheel and each shade has only a slight difference, so your stylist needs to be extremely picky.Jade explained that with blonde it's always best to alternate a few different shades to make it look more natural, although when you have a block colour, that it better to stick with just one.When it comes to how many extensions you require, jade says she estimates how many you're going to need according to what you want to achieve with it and it goes from there.Shorter your hair is and the blunter it is at the bottom, the more layers you need through the style and the more hair you're going to need to work with.It really depends on what you want, whether it be length or volume.It can range from anywhere from 50 to 200, and out of the whole process, colour is probably the most important aspect to keep it looking natural.She then selected three varying shades of blonde to match the natural and coloured highlights in my hair. The process in total took around four hours, but that included chat time, wash, cut, blow-Dry and style, so totally do-Able and the perfect time to catch up on some reading.The extensions are applied in rows, so you take a straight section of your hair, then a small triangle section that's just under a centimetre each side, so it creates the image of an upside down triangle.Then the small cylinder is clipped on and the hair flips through, kind of like one of those old topsy tail hair tools we had at school.Roughly every six weeks as your hair grows out and they get moved up, a row, or the full set can be taken out.Then if and when you need your hair coloured, they can be put back in. Let me tell you, primpettes, they were looong when i first had them applied but since i wanted them for volume, not length, i got them cut to just a few centimetres past my natural hair to maximise the amount of fullness. The hair is delicate, so it all about protecting them, keeping them in good condition by using moisturising shampoo and conditioner, hair treatments(As you know, primpettes, i love original mineral seven day miracle moisture mask, $31.95, 1300 724 635)To maintain it, jade says.Only difference really is the brushing.It best to use a mason pearson brush, from $99.95, from department stores, or a brush with natural bristles, beginning at the scalp and then through your lengths.If you don the area from the scalp to the clip will get matted and that's when it takes longer to do your move-Ups, adding to the cost and it stresses the hair too.To get the full life out of them, which if treated correctly is up to two years, you need to also refrain from washing it as regularly. Since i had them in, i been washing it every three days, turning to my trusty friend dry shampoo when it gets oily.So not only are the hair extensions getting a rest from my regular rigorous shampoo routine, but my natural hair is too.At night i usually sell at a discount pull it into a loose braid, just so that it doesn get knotty while i sleep. I now had the hair extensions in for a little over two weeks, and i can tell you primpettes, they a dream, and i would highly recommend them.For somebody who has never been able to create a fishtail braid(Of which i be bringing you a how-To video shortly), an oversized bun, or give proper curls with a styling tool, I never had so much fun experimenting with my hair.Fortunately this you may like they don irritate me while i sleep, and i received countless compliments.In fact, quite often the best compliment of all is when people don even notice because the extensions look so natural and blend in with my own hair colour.In my opinion, it the most important aspect of the whole process because you want them to look natural and full of volume and texure, but also realistic. *Amore Hair Extensions start from $200.I love the volume and the styles last so much longer.I only wash my hair every 4 days.This is my second lot as the first lot of hair was nitvas good quality.They used to matt and Tiffany On Sale get knotty.I have european hair now and i am too happy with them.

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